Are you visiting a business daily? What do you sell? Do you sell copies, office supplies, business insurance, software, internet technology, inventory, or something other service or product to local businesses in your territory? If you are you may not only be losing sales but leaving income behind the door. Why? I’m sure you have heard the following phrase, “I’d love to buy your product or service but right now we are on a budget or we are going to wait”. Another famous one is “Right now we just don’t have the cash to do this”. I’m sure you have heard these phrases. When this happens you may be losing a sale and wasting your time as a business to business account executive. What’s the solution? Financing is one of the most powerful tools in the world to acquire goods and services. The U.S. economy fell because there was not sufficient financing and because people could not pay their loans. However, today things are changing. If you can provide your clients with buying power by offering financing you may be able to increase your sales. At the same time, if there is no conflict of interest with the company you work for, you can earn additional income.