The alternative business funding industry will more than likely be regulated.  Without debt, if you are thinking of entering this industry, this is the time to do it. Why?  Indeed, the alternative business funding industry was created due to the Recession of 2008.  With this in mind, financing businesses may be considered a recessionary proof business.


No Exams Needed

It is easier to learn something and then take a test.  As you gain experience on dealing with business funding on a day to day basis it will become easier to pass any future exam.   Regulators will regulate this industry and require a national exam, state exam and or other licensing.  This will be a turning point for the industry. At the same time, it will present great opportunities because it will wheat out many people who should not be in the industry.


Undoubtedly, financing has always been a lucrative field.   Wall Street would not exist if it was not.  Have you been to Wall Street?  What comes to mind, when you think of Wall Street?  Money, is the first thought.  As a result, the business financing industry is no different.  You may not have to work from Wall Street now of days because of technology.   Business funding is now being conducted online.  This provides you the comfort of working from your own home or remotely.