What is a business funding specialist?  Today, a business funding specialist needs to be smarter than a banker, accountant, and an entrepreneur.

The alternative business financing industry has been around for nearly 10 years.   Moreover, more than ever we see other financing specialist wanting to enter the alternative business financing industry.  However, the fact of the matter is that the industry is short of business funding specialist.

The alternative financing industry requires talented people who understand new financing methods for businesses and who can obtain clients.

There are two challenges here:

1) learning new financing solutions

2) lead generation.

The alternative financing industry despite of the opportunities that it presents can be challenging.  Most businesses do not want to pay 19% to 40% interest rates.  New brokers in this industry do not know how to sell these programs.  In addition, out of 100 loan applications only about 30% result in funding.   This makes it challenging.  However, pairing up with the right lender or Independent Sales Organization can make a difference.

Lendinero, has proven strategies to assist new and existing brokers entering the world of alternative business funding.